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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. gabe slate tech report thing gabe slate tech report (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: grant? >> reporter: and happen either tonight and two and tom the blast was caused by dry ice in a plastic bottle for a place in the trash can with a small explosion happened. no one was hurt fortunately but people at the park were being evacuated. a bomb squad was
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at disneyland and disney officials have not commented on the blast. we see all the people that were impacted with more information to come. >> pam: next at eight. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- a more than two dozen people that have not been arrested we would not >> will not allow this type of we believe we put out additional units against gang members. >> reporter: dan until controls have arrested 25
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people associated with the symbol and the different gangs. >> sir run the communities as well as cemeterial and said alto. >> reporter: 8 cases where people have been shot with 15 or what was gunned downaner t at a mcdonald's. officers tell me that the community involvement has been key in making arrests the crime emergency will last additional three weeks in east palo alto. . a teenager appears in court. this after a batch of both that bolts at the
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progress of the bridge. we are standing at the new bay bridge were traffic will be headed towards a for cisco censor both sections tomorrow. on whether or not so as to come down here i will show you. the concrete has been poured out of it.
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this has the steel so you can see the different layers that goes with the bridge. asphalt will go over it. some construction is very adamant and now just the mormon kron 4 news. >> pam: developing tonight- >> pam: year -old girl found murdered inside her home, will appear in court tomorrow. facing charges in his little sister's death. leila fowler was stabbed to death in her calaveras county home in late april. after exhausting other leads, investigators later arrested her brother. the calaveras county district attorney's office says, he will be in court tomorrow afternoon. he is expected to enter a plea. or ask for another continuance. >> pam: destroyed five businesses in an antioch strip mall this morning. you can see the flames shooting out of the roof. this at buchannan road and gentrytown drive. the fire raced thru every shop in the complex
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>> pam: the owner of a barber shop that was destroyed says, he's devestated. >> always seemed to the shop say stuff and put in an era in which is part of life. but god does not make mistakes and i accept it sole ".got to keep moving" >> pam: the intense heat caused some small explosions from propane tanks inside one of businesses had not opened yet so few people had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> pam: yet another wildfire is burning in southern california, this time near santa barbara. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter:these are pictures from what's being called the white fire. this blaze started on monday afternoon about 10 miles to the northwest of santa barbara. as of tuesday afternoon it had burned 1800 acres and is only 10 percent contained. lets take a look at a google earth map of the area... here's santa barbara about 85 miles west of los angeles... the fire...
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started here... along paradise road. >> reporter:the flames partially damaged a nearby forest service facility and then burned through the sage hill campground. the santa barbara county sheriff's department says that as many as 3 thousand people were evacuated from campgrounds anme >> pam: the wildfire is now burning in very rugged terrain and is moving towards the north and east. more than 100 buildings and homes are being threatened and several roads, include paradise road, have been closed. more than 500 firefighters are on scene are on scene. there are also 45 fire engines, 4 bulldozers and 6 air tankers working to stop the fire. officials are currently estimating full containment of the white fire by next monday. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: the clouds are returning as reticulate downside from the golden gate bridge. as the storm approaches temperature right now is still pretty mild
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away from the coastline is dropping near the coast line is 657 degrees fairfield is 67 degrees. through the afternoon were looking at a sustained winds at 22 m.p.h. in fairfield and so it certainly is breezy right el it's all thanks to a storm that happening on the north because to the rate approaching the " right now. more rain from the north of that until tomorrow morning was slight change to have to marin. but maybe the up to my morning maybe little bit of a break. big warmup in store and will have more coming up. the loser
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>> pam: >> gary: is a moment >> reporter: is a moment to of year-old when never forget. the a's game as the a's this is a favorite is his favorite game players >> >> reporter: area to meet with players before throwing out the pitch in received plenty of autographs as while. to uplift his spirits after going through his record deal a month ago.
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>> there little things the he still can i do so to be treated like this is a means a lot. its a big part of his recovery. >> all of this helps the work would to work through the rigging the he is going through. >> reporter: he forgot his crutches tonight so he's trying to take it easy but starting to walk a batter on his own. aaron will have tickets to the a's game as long as he wants. >> reporter: the sharks fighting to keep their season go on. san jose and king's plane at the stable center in l.a. right now. the sharks are losing two to 00 nothing. gary will
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have highlights of game 7 will coming up later in the show. >> pam: a car or train derailed in maryland we wish to leave you the dramatic video. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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>> pam: a half mile away the blast was felt to. is not clear what type of chemicals
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were being carried on that train. firefighters says nothing toxic is burning. the truck driver washurt but non any injuries. new tonight at 8 days manager appears in court of accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year-old coral in in north bay park. please explain what they are releasing few details on this disturbing case as they continue their investigation. >> reporter: it happen on a saturday the 13 roasting have been drinking with several people and clothing some young men at park. >> received a call from the victim's family stating that she may have been victimized with sexual assault. we do believe that there were drinking and driving to the minor and a sex act. the
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reason it took so long results from a physical comeen back and it was a very complicated investigation. >> reporter: not releasing careful to release to me the tells it occurred in on a local parks in a bottle. we like to cover our base is in contact always misses and any lee second held locate additional people. >> reporter: as far as the victim she is doing as best she can considering the circumstances. >> there is some mental
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starring, i'm sure am receiving inappropriate help. opprobrium it help. >> pam: we are learning more about the two teenagers and were shot and killed in san jose over the weekend. they were good kids >> i am really police said about this. i feel like they are a part of my life these kids were great kids, barry lovable and respectful. and they did nothing wrong to the observe something like this. >> pam: police have not confirmed whether the
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killing was gang-related. trekking surveillance video from a nearby shopping center. >> pam: police found evidence but did not reveal any details they believe that the suspect went there after the crash. i expected to be formally charged my speech meat and alcohol may have cost a role in the crash. >> reporter: this is where the crimes are happening. 2 and home of one of the victims.
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neighborhood crime. here's a kron-4 crime tracker on the peninsula. in the past week in redwood city. here's where the crimes are happening. may 22nd - clinton st may 22nd - vera ave may 23rd - fulton. may 23rd - chestnut st may 24th - adams st may 25th - el camino real happening during the day. 3 >> san francisco federal courtroom today. answering dumped hazardous waste in california. >> pam: pleaded guilty to dumping pollutants from wal- drains across the state. million dollars as part of the plea. this isn't the first time wal-mart has been accused of this. in 20-10, the company agreed to pay almost 28-million dollars to settle allegations that it improperly disposed of paint. >> pam: a plan to remove thousands of non-native trees from the east bay hills. may be getting closer to becoming a reality. fema has almost completed an environmental review of a plan to cut down non-native eucalyptus trees in the east bay hills. if the plan moves forward, the trees would be removed from nearly a thousand acres..
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>> pam: the city of oakland, u-c developed the plan to remove reasons. contribute to the spread of the fire. >> jacqueline: now we are seen clouds return we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza of. a slight chance of a shower mainly in the north bank very light with the right expected to purchase about this amount as what we expected today. by friday or looking at temperatures in the '80s and '90s much warmer but what we sought out there to for the cast for the past couple of days. approaching the north bay coast line rang. this is all
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part of the till in here as we head into the over night hours. " toronto was the 5:00 hour into this is one of our when they catch a wayward shower or to to the early afternoon. then we shall see a decrease in class notes and mild temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. let's start in san francisco peninsula and the '60s and '70s temperatures 62% entail an center cisco over in the east bank looking at the '60s and 65 with oakland and 68 for union city. 77 for walnut creek and 734 pleasanton. south bay
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temperatures are expected and the '70s stemming tuque and senate clara. tomorrow but the same as a that was approved former into the weekend incident to purchase will be sworn into the 80s and 90s. we will have fire danger especially and on saturday with the huge warm up. temperatures will cool down next week. 24/7 bay area news channel. i'll explain in an
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if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. pay attention the silver car driving on church street in the castro distict of san francisco as the driver makes a left turn followed shortly by a white car and a white pickup truck each and every one of those drivers ignored this bright red road that reads bus and taxi only, oh and these no left turn signs in an effort to speed up transit by removing personal vehicles sfmta made the lanes red to distinguish
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transit lanes from non transit >> reporter:they also posted numerours no left turn signs un and down some between the hours of 7am and 7pm and some 24 hours some driver leaving the safeway driver straight onto is a big no-no >> reporter:now it's clearly obvious that if you are drivng on a red street and if i'm not misaken these are the only ones in the bay you would have to notice all the sign's the writings and the arrows giving drivers average person would but alais we are in the bay just gotta make a illegal turn they will make an illegal turn >> reporter:i talked to a couple of muni drivers who tell me the lanes would work if only drivers would simplly follow the rules there is only one way i know these drivers to stay out of the red transit lanes, enforcement drivers this is a pilot program which means soon you many see these red
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transit lanes throughout the city the cost of a traffic ticket which could go into the hundreds and points and traffic school you get the point in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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>> jacqueline: tomorrow and in north bay will have more the chance
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>> pam: again. that's next. >> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. >> pam: an 18-year old teenager from san rafael is behind bars tonight. accused of sexually assaulting a 13- year old girl in a novato park. police say they are about the case, such as which park the incident reportedly took of stories... pipe. attempted murder. they will file charges. each victim. >> pam: a newborn infant
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rescue from a sore pike in china and took two hours to free the baby boy broadcast on television kron 4 catherine heenan >> catherine: a little foot is all that is visible on that on a trip toilet. unable to pull the baby out they had to go below and some of the entire flood of a sewer pipe. measured as 4 in. in diameter so the entire pipe's section was taken to the hospital with a baby inside. firefighters in surgeon working together to remove a piece by piece. an hour later the newborn rescued with the afterbirth is still attached. the baby
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had a low rate and suffer from bumps and bruises but ok. looking for parents and treating the case of attempted murder. the mother herself had called police in hidden stated that she had hidden her pregnancy the baby had fallen into the toilet after she gave birth are now expected on anchoret not sure if they will charge her. >> pam: the crosses bear the name of each of the victim and the debris that covers the ground ground of the elementary school will be removed and the school rebuilt -- but officials say these crosses will in some way remain on these grounds to remember the children who died. >> such an important part of the processes which
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acknowledge what happened on that site. were those families and children can be honored and they have absolutely accomplished that. >> pam: a massive tornado last monday ripped through oklahoma city. killing killed 24 people and injuring 375 others. some 12-thousand homes were damaged or demolished by the twister. >> pam: another vacation at sea is cut short for more than 22-hundred people. after an early morning fire erupted on a royal carribbean cruise ship. this is a new look at the damage on the "grandeur of the seas". you can see that there is serious fire damage. the entire back end of the massive ship. scorched. back safely on land. passengers describe their experience. >> were freaking out. there were inviduals that were shaking, terrified, had to be reassured. when an emergency happens like that, everyone goes to a muster station and you have to wait and hope that your friends and family get there."/"if i can say one thing, the crew was great.they kept us well
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informed. and they were looking out for our safety all of the time."" >> pam: the 22-hundred passengers are being flown into baltimore. where the cruise no word yet on how the fire starte >> jacqueline:into the afternoon skies cleared and temperatures warmed about five to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 78 and antioch and near 80 now boss. 734 the fault it removed intact it did remain in tact. increasing over the city quelle coverage through the night fog near the coast and a storm system sitting morris toward we
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have the possibility of seeing a few showers but mainly in the north bay. as you take a look a futurecast a letter of the missing is in the north. clear skies present conditions in the afternoon and changes a bit more of the store was complete forecast coming up. >> pam: next on kron-- shares of bay area automaker tesla soars. hitting an all-time high. plus-- >> reporter: italic bike called and he bike next on kron gabe slate
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close at another record high. the nasdaq rose 29 points. and the s-and-p 500 rose 10 points. >> pam: the bay area electric-car maker tesla motors hits a new all time high! shares of tesla leaped to a new high of 110 dollars this afternoon. the company's shares are trading at more than three times the january opening price of 35 dollars. the company's shares have soared year. >> pam: the palo alto based company plans to announce this week that it's adding to a network of electric car charging stations. >> reporter:the biebs and his lead foot apparently in trouble again. investigation for another reckless driving incident. .putting pedal to the metal the sheriff says it happened around 8pm monday night. callers from his calabasas neighborhood say beiber was driving at a startling high rate of speed. and there was a child playing in the area. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: bieber's home but according to a department spokesman, the star didn't want to talk to them. witnesses have offered statements and the case is under investigation. here's something that may make some of us feel old! hanson is celebrating 21 years together as a band. and, in honor of the occasion, the three brothers are launching a new beer. >> reporter:it's called mmmhops. a throwback to the band's 90s hit song, "mmmbop." the beer is expected to debut this fall. world tour to promote its sixth album, "anthem," due out june 18-th. stories... gabe slate tech report a high-tech bicycles and the bike >> x like the standard bicycle with regular palin but with the addition to the
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motor of thing used to power yourself on any time. >> reporter: writing for miles for miles and never breaking a sweat an electric motor assist your palin. you're paddling. >> use the motor just enough so that you are in the comfort zone border south. you can go street over now kill russian hill. >> reporter: if you do not want to do it any palin you do not have to. i can get from civic center to christie feels and enjoyed a day there and ride back without an problem. their
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route of lithium batteries >> is just like your laptop for cellphone you just charge it plugged into the wall. >> reporter: 1 i test drove one i was shocked the house move the rye was and how fun it was. it is a graeme build call which makes no noise no pollution and you will not break a sweat by wearing your work clothes. i really would recommend and handed the not by one but will find a store but sells one and take it out for test drives. check out 82 these websites kron 4 news >> pam: the heat in the pacers into a pivotal game for. gary has the highlights and rest of the sports coming out. coming
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the >>months after hurricane sandy damaged much of the jersey shore, the popular beach destination is again open for business. new jersey's governor and president obama were at the jersey shore today. as kron4's catherine heenan reports. the two men were celebrating the rebuilding -- and having a little fun. >> a to cbo younger, and having some fun on the jersey shore!
8:44 pm
>> catherine: there may have been no better way to demonstrate that new jersey's shore is rebounding from hurricane sandy --- today's upbeat visit from governor chris christie and president obama. the last time both men were here. sandy had left behind a sad site.the boardwalks bleak and wet, smashed and boarded up. in contrast tuesday. the boardwalk was back in business.including the football themed game where the president was 0 for five. >> catherine: the governor did a lot better. the chicago cubs teddy bear christie won - was later presented to the president. and if the jersey shore needed a pep talk. today they got a couple of them. billions of dollars in state and federal money have poured into the area.with the president promising more today.
8:45 pm
>> catherine: both men acknowledging that there's still a lot of work to be done. catherine heenan kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: e clowns are returning right now, a storm approaching from the north of us. chance of showers for the north bay the skies would clear and temperatures will remain pretty mild. especially in warm the up especially into friday and saturday with temperatures soaring into the '90s. more in a moment last cochrane with increasing clouds from the north stain largely to the north of the spirit hears the course system the till and does it here diving down with a few wayward
8:46 pm
showers thing possible. tomorrow morning the 5:00 hour a lot of their claim is enough to the north. and o'clock hour in the north bay the chance will continue to 11:00 in the morning. sky should be cleared from noon on and back to the '70s with sunny skies. 77 and sonoma, 77 also in vallejo. only hit 59 in ocean bay in half moon bay. san jose and evergreen morgan hill. for tomorrow barry similar conditions than today with parley conditions then mild
8:47 pm
temperatures in the afternoon was like wayward sprinkles. friday saturday warming trend under way by saturday it we will see very hot conditions raise fire conditions with those hot dry in breezy conditions which will raise our fire concerns. and you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. big deal to nine with beckham and pi showing up with no babysitter. sharks are on the attack the score is tied more the
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powerplay from close range one nothing. to nothing las angeles the came back and back and back! five minutes and 22122 to 126 days for john and then click jonathan quick. kings won the series and financial point!
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>> gary: turn to someone else and congratulate the weather reporter on her team winning. for gephardt ever get the game (laughter) >> pam: i'm start >> catherine: >> jacqueline: and start to local fans would love my keen as i am from there. the sharks played really, really well jonathan quick what a difference. >> gary: did the best team win? >> jacqueline: yes (laughter)
8:50 pm
>> gary: congratulations. m.a. older hockey dreams come true. >> gary: congratulations. (laughter) >> jacqueline: (laughter) >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: the game was nice to what you saw was itself list nance. selfless nest. congratulations here we go!
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>> gary: lands stevenson to in the third quarter buzzer 7717 24 points did injured his ankle at one. with 9912. miami two games apiece that are back to florida for the next contest. good nose if you are a mike malone fan. kings to hire mike malone columnist peter vecsey is saying warriors top assitant mike malone is a "living lock" to become the next head coach of the sacramento kings. vecsey had no timetable for an announcement, but predicted that malone will bring his father, brendan, along for the ride as an assistant.
8:52 pm
malone has been with the warriors since 2011 as mark jackson's right-hand-man often handling the x's & o's strategy during games. prior to the warriors, all/new-orleans-hornets.htm and cleveland cavaliers. >> gary: d.j. hayden hospitalized raiders first round draft pick d.j. hayden is in a bay area hospital after having surgery last week to remove scar tissue from his >> gary: a week ago hayden was participating in raider offseason practices until he tweeted that his "stomach hurt real bad." hayden you may remember nearly died after a freak football injury at the university of houston that rutpured the main vain to his heartemergency surgery left him with an enormous scar. >>coach allen asked about any correlation? return to index of stories.. other yesterday in toronto it was
8:53 pm
>> i think we met some good strides last week but we need to get better execution a little bit more energy. i have to be better and we have to be sharper. >> this team will compete in this team will be in games and look for to going out there and where this they're for and black crown weaker it wearing the silver and black crowd leproudly.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: key shawn johnson when after justin weaver for speeding in a way let's give the kid a break inflation.
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your beloved and loss' someone you know. goodnight look at 'em.
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